Our first mission team to France!

Our first mission team to France!

When we started Hope, we knew that we could do more by partnering in Ministry with others.
Individual churches can do great things, but we can have a greater impact on the world the more we work together. That’s one of the reasons why we’re part of the Evangelical Covenant Church - and why we partner with people locally and all over the world. From here you can find links to many of those ministries and learn about how we support one another!

To begin, Hope is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, a denomination of churches 850 strong and Nationwide. The ECC is 135 years old, and finds its roots in simple questions of faith that lead to a lasting relationship with Jesus. Questions like: How goes your walk? and, Where is it written? get to much of the heart of the ECC - that our journey with Jesus and our time in the Bible drive our ministry. The ECC has a heart for creative ministry, and reaching new people in new ways - one of the reasons why a church begun my Swedish immigrants is
now one of the most ethnically diverse denominations in America. Through the ECC we have a number of ministry partners that are making an impact on our world. Locally we’ve also chosen some amazing ministry partners that are having a fantastic impact on our community. All of this helps us to be Hope for Snohomish County and beyond!

At Hope it’s our philosophy to support the amazing work and ministry that our partner organizations are doing.  You can find out more about these great groups that we support (both financially and with our volunteers) here.

The Evangelical Covenant Church (Our National Organization)

ECC - http://www.covchurch.org/

Pacific Northwest Conference - The local conference of the ECC - about 70 churches over the Pacific Northwest in ministry together!

PNC - http://pacnwc.org/

Covenant Missionaries we support doing amazing work: The Bakers, Isazas, Petersons, Kerls

Missionaries - https://covchurch.org/sg/missions/

Everett Gospel Mission is doing incredible ministry with the homeless and hungry here in Everett. We financially support EGM every month as well as find ways to partner with them as volunteers throughout the year.
EGM - https://www.egmission.org/

Find out more about St. Thomas Covenant church - a new church in the Salem, OR area that we’re financially supporting this year. They’re a fun and creative church that is reaching people no one else is reaching.

St. Thomas - https://stthomascov.com/

Little Hungry Hearts is an amazing program that provides meals for kids in need in the Lake Stevens School District

LHH - http://www.hungryheartsfoundation.com/

As a church community we also help care for and clean the Lake Stevens Police Station, we serve a community meal at Ebenezer Lutheran in Lake Stevens, and more.